What to expect from Car servicing through Automovill

Automovill is an experience rather than just a service built over trust and information sharing. When we interviewed people about their car servicing experience, they often complain about the non-transparency and overpriced service changes. About 20% of them go to authorized service centers as they do not want to compromise with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. They are not concerned about the service bills. About 70% go to authorized servicing centers as they don’t have an option yet not happy to be there and remaining 10% go to local vendors or other multi-brand players who they know well for their services. Automovill is trying build the best experience around the automobile service where-in we can provide the alternative solution to the authorized service centers in a hassle free, economic and transparent manner.

At Automovill we partner with vendors other than authorized service centers who are capable of handling similar service jobs as the authorized ones. There is no compromise in quality and service. But the service bills are 10-20% less that the market rates just because Automovill optimizes the process in such a way that actual cost of service goes down. We use branded parts and with customer consent proceed with any repair or replacement job. Once customer books for service online at http://www.automovill.com or by giving a call to the customer help line, an Automovill representative schedules a car pick up and at the end of service drops off the car.
Customer receives status updates during the service and therefore know beforehand when to expect the car back. Automovill representative stays with the mechanics during the service period and remains as custodian of the car. The bill is sent through mail and can be paid online or cash-on-delivery.

We pay attention to every minute problem and do a detailed inspection before and after service work. We also give recommendation on future work that may require to avoid any major issues. Customers are always given the option to pick from multiple solutions for the problem encountered with the car. Solution is most of the time very simple and rather than confusing the customer we educate and help them take the best route possible. The cumulative cost for service in the car over a longer period is always less than the maintenance bill in general incurred by customer.

The entire process is to create a hassle-free, transparent and economic car service experience for the customers. We thrive to provide the best customer satisfaction built over trust and confidence every time a customer comes to us. Automovill believes that its customers are its best brand ambassadors.


Automovill – Your Automobile Servicing Partner

Bangalore, the IT hub of India, is a city infested with millions of people and thousands of vehicles. Almost everyone owns one, and if not, aspires to have one very soon. The result- we have a city overflowing with vehicles plying on the roads throughout the day and a huge traffic to cater to. Now just imagine a scene when you are driving your vehicle in the midst of this traffic, and your beloved vehicle betrays you and breaks down. To add to it, you don’t know any automobile service center in the vicinity that might resolve the issue. The situation is no less than a nightmare especially if you are headed to your office and you are already late. Well, the good news is that you no longer have to break out in a cold sweat as Automovill is here. Automovill serves as a one-stop solution for all your automobile servicing needs.

Automovill is a venture kickstarted by a few enthusiasts who understood the harrowing conditions of vehicle owners. There are tons of automobile servicing outlets in Bangalore. But to find the right one for you is a tough job. Automovill serves as a directory of Automobile service providers and gives details of services provided by them. Furthermore, rating of the service providers is also available which would help you to judge them.

The core idea of starting Automovill was to give customers a hassle free experience that would go easy on their pockets. Besides providing emergency services, Automovill also allows you to avail discounts from top-notch service providers. Furthermore, details of petrol pumps and police stations are also available to benefit customers. The process of booking services through Automovill is shown below.

The uniqueness of Automovill is that it not only caters to four wheeler owners but also reaches out to two-wheelers as well. In a nutshell, Automovill covers anything and everything that comes under the umbrella of vehicle servicing and maintenance. To add to the list of never-ending features, Automovill also has a database of Towing Service providers which can be accessed from its website. All in all, Automovill acts as your true Automobile Servicing Partner.


For any further information, please visit http://www.automovill.com/